Sport & events facilities management

The event industry is a big business. As such, venues require expert facilities management to be served at scale, which is something we proudly partner with event experts LSS to achieve. 
LSS deliver the same tailored facilities management solutions as 14forty, but with a focus on premier venues in the high-volume events market. 

Having serviced legendary events like Metallica at Twickenham Stadium, the London 2012 Olympics and the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, we know the strict scheduling and operations that go on behind the scenes. 

First-class cleaning with a smile

An essential component of a successful event experience is proper hygiene, from the moment guests arrive to the last out the doors. Our three-step cleaning process ensures areas are continually checked and maintained throughout the day, as well as before and after the event takes place.

We also offer a deep cleaning service for commercial kitchens to help maintain the highest levels of cleanliness and hygiene.

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Expert maintenance services

Whether it’s a match day or a company conference, all event-goers expect a well-maintained and functional environment. Using a consolidated approach, our experienced teams strategically leverage a holistic viewpoint towards venue operations.

As forward thinkers who really care about the health of a client’s business, our team are often involved in discussions around operational improvements and efficiency saving.


Forging a future for sustainable events

Alongside LSS, we support sporting venues with their environmental initiatives and unique journey towards Climate Net Zero. During an event, this could mean helping with lighting efficiency control, water conservation measures or waste management.

We’re there to collaborate with vendors, sponsors, and environmental specialists to help reduce the venue’s environmental impact and promote a culture of sustainability among visitors.  

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