The facilities management industry is undergoing a rapid transformation with the implementation of cutting-edge technology and equipment to enhance quality, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. In this competitive job market and with the rise of robotics, a new age of cobotics is now becoming an integral part of facilities management across the UK.

Success with the challenges in the labour market requires a special blend of technical proficiency, solutions-focused mindsets, and great attention to detail. To stay ahead of the curve, businesses have to keep innovating to stay up-to-date and meet their clients' needs - this is where cobotics revolutionises the field.

What is cobotics?

Cobotics is the name for robot technology designed to work alongside humans in performing tasks. Unlike your traditional industrial robots which are programmed to work autonomously, cobots have been designed with in-built technology to work in harmony with humans – enhancing but not replacing their efforts. 

Maya Xiao, a Senior Specialist at Interact Analyst, has forecasted a cobot market growth of between 20 to 30 percent over the next few years. We’re already seeing a rapid increase in demand for cobots in the facilities management space, particular within cleaning services. 

Research conducted by SoftBank Robotics shows that 81% of FM leaders see cobotics as a potential solution to cleaning challenges over the next five years, with 73% boldly believing cobotics has the potential to ‘transform the cleaning industry’. 

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Explore the whitepaper

Cobotics are making a big impact in the facilities management industry and are already bringing big benefits to our clients. Explore the whitepaper now to find out more.

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How cleaning technology can benefit your business

By partnering with a facilities management provider that’s started to blend the use of cleaning technology into their everyday service offering, your business will experience a host of additional benefits. Firstly, cobots can free up the human team to concentrate on the more complicated, creative, and critical tasks that occur as part of your business operations. As a result, you’ll get more out of your facilities management with improved efficiency and cost saving.

Second, the technology assists in meeting sustainability objectives. For example, cleaning robot ‘Hanzel’ at Compass Group HQ uses a scrubber-dryer system that uses 70% less water and fewer chemicals than traditional cleaning products – helping Compass Group to achieve its target to reach net zero by 2030. 

Finally, possibly the most remarkable benefit is that cobots help to reinvest savings into labour rate to attract and retain cleaners.

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