Technology & innovation

Giving businesses back the time to focus on what they do best, we’re proactive across all areas to make sure our efforts remain driven by innovative thinking and the latest technology.

At 14forty, we embrace innovation and are always striving to move closer towards smarter, more efficient ways of operating. This helps us deliver the best service to our clients while contributing to wider business initiatives such as our Net Zero journey.

Cleaning up with cutting-edge solutions

We use Tersano for our client cleaning solutions, which is a highly effective natural cleaner, sanitiser and deodoriser that kills 99.999% bacteria and microorganisms. After use, Tersano reverts safely back into water - making it a more sustainable, cheaper, and effective alternative to traditional cleaning chemicals.

We’re also moving towards sensor technology and demand-led cleaning. This approach gives us rich data that we can use to align our cleaning schedule to the individual needs of the building and its users. 


A future with cobotic colleagues

Collaborative robots, or ‘cobots’, are fast becoming a very real prospect for the future of facilities management. While they cannot replace people, there’s plenty of research to suggest combining human efforts with that of robots allows for the delivery of optimum services.

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Meet Hanzel at Compass HQ

Visit the HQ of our parent company, Compass Group, and you’ll be met by scrubber dryer cobot, Hanzel. He works autonomously and can be programmed and asked to clean the company’s tiled floors at just the touch of a button. 

This cobot uses a lot less water than human cleaning and with brushes delivering 50kg of pressure onto the floor, removes the need for environment-harming chemicals.

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Feeding teams with top tech solutions

Recent evolution in the way workplaces operate means we’ve had to get more creative with our catering services and solutions. We’ve kept up the pace with our friction-free, 24/7 shopping experience where customers ‘check in’ with no scanning or queuing to pay.

We've also introduced the UK’s number one corporate catering ordering platform, ‘Eatfirst’ to our clients, as well as our involvement in the development of ‘Time2Eat’ - an app that allows customers to pre-order food and skip queues.

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