Adding value at every stage

Are you an industrial or manufacturing business looking to cut costs, meet regulations and boost efficiency? Whether it's reactive repairs, shut-down operations or innovative engineering solutions, 14forty has you covered.

With over a decade of delivering facilities management to leading industrial and manufacturing businesses, we’ll address your needs, support your objectives and add value at every business touchpoint.

Covering all bases

Versatility is vital in the dynamic world of facilities management for industrial and manufacturing setups. It might be a straightforward lift service today; tomorrow, it could be clearing snow before your workforce steps in. And let's not forget those specialised requirements, like confined space cleaning or water jetting. 

These ad-hoc needs, coupled with round-the-clock essentials like daily cleaning and catering, demand a partner who can seamlessly handle everything all conveniently under one cost-effective roof. Whatever needs to be done, our skilled team is ready to deliver solutions that keep your business safe, compliant and focused on doing what it does best.

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Stepping up safety

In industrial and manufacturing settings, strict safety protocols are imperative. Our team is well-versed in assessing hazardous activities and developing safe systems of work to keep people safe and clients happy. We also appreciate that every task is different, and 14forty is here to assess and develop safe working practices that offer effective solutions.

Why not read how we keep the Solvay Interox site clean, safe and secure?

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Streamlining your day-to-day

In the world of industry and manufacturing, you need a strategic partner who can spot opportunities for enhancement and streamline your day-to-day operations. Thankfully, that's where we shine at 14forty. Take, for instance, our 60-second food service approach - a game-changer we've rolled out in sites with thousands of employees.

Through an innovatively designed process, our teams can serve up meals to a large workforce from our on-site kitchens in just 60 seconds – saving valuable break time and ensuring seamless business operations.

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Did you know?

The 14forty team at Essar Oil has removed two million paper cups from the waste stream by giving every employee their own mug and reusable water bottle. 

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