At 14forty, our work covers many industries and business types, from corporate offices and headquarters to delivery depots and warehouses. Through specialist facilities management solutions, we focus on premier venues in the high-volume events market such as sports stadiums. 

Working tirelessly behind the stands

An essential component of the matchday and sports event experience is the effective management of stadium facilities. Whether it’s security, cleaning, reception or outdoor services, these types of venues are some of the most prestigious in the world and therefore require their own unique set of expertise.

From crowd flow management and technical support to stand maintenance and waste management, our people work quietly behind the scenes from the moment fans arrive until the blow of the final whistle and often through the night.

Forging a future for sustainable events

We support sporting venues with their environmental initiatives and unique journey towards Climate Net Zero. During an event this could mean helping with lighting efficiency control, water conservation measures or waste management. We’re there to collaborate with vendors, sponsors and environmental specialists to help reduce the venue’s environmental impact and promote a culture of sustainability. 

"We strive to stay part of the conversation around sustainability in both the facilities management world as well as the events industry, while continually taking action towards more environmentally friendly operations. In the cleaning industry, even the smallest of changes like swapping materials and products for more sustainable options, or working to limit travel taken by our teams make a huge difference to our day-to-day impact."

Regan Sparks, Operations Director at 14forty

Regan Sparks

Flexible working for event teams

All employees that work at the events we support are part of our parent company, Compass Group UK & Ireland. This ensures we’re allowing our people the opportunity to pick up regular work while experiencing different events and venues every day or week. 

Having the same teams on-board also helps keep operations smooth and the quality of service consistent. 

Service you can count on

At 14forty, we pride ourselves on our client-facing team and bespoke facilities management solutions. Why not see how what we do could benefit your business?

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