Facilitating a friendlier future for communities, people & the planet

Our ethos & vision

We’ve set several ambitious, impactful and most importantly, measurable milestones to evidence our commitment to bringing the 14forty ethos and vision to life.

The best part? Our collaborative approach means that what we achieve, we achieve together. This means that when you partner with 14forty, we'll serve to strengthen your reputation as a responsible, conscientious business that's passionate about making a difference. 


  • Achieving 50% gender representation by 2025 across all levels of our company.
  • Committing to offering 100% of our people access to a unique, 'career learning pathway' - our industry-leading careers progression programme.
  • Implementing a Frontline Focus programme in 2023, whereby senior operational leadership spend at least one day per quarter working in frontline service delivery.


  • Delivering Net Zero in FM services by 2030 or earlier, beginning with the calculation of the baseline in our own offices in 2023 to create a roadmap for reduction.
  • Partnering with the Woodland Trust charity and committing to protect 67 hectares of Woodland Trust estate for a year. That’s the protection of over 52,000 trees which will absorb over 400 tonnes of emissions in a year.