Tailored solutions, impeccable standards

First impressions count, especially in corporate and professional settings. Elevate your establishment's standards with a facilities management partner that understands your business and looks after it as if it were their own, with customised services to meet your unique needs.

With over a decade of expertise in corporate facilities management, our tailor-made solutions keep you and your business looking, feeling, and operating at their best. From employee catering, cleaning and professional guest services to 24/7 security and outdoor maintenance, our integrated solutions have you covered.

Deliver a sparkling welcome

A flawless building is a great look. Not only does it impress clients, customers, and employees, but it’s also a great way of showing professionalism and commitment to health and safety.

At 14forty, we offer cost-effective cleaning services that leverage the latest equipment, cutting-edge technology and optimal practices to empower our operatives to keep your workplace looking and feeling its best.

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Your trusted security partner

We know that specific professional environments need enhanced security measures, taking unpredictability out of day-to-day interactions, important visits, and in-house events. By meticulously analysing historical and real-time activity data, we continually assess the effectiveness of our security measures to ensure they’re working as hard as they need to be.

Ultimately, our focus is not just on managing risk but on aiming to eliminate it entirely. From access control and external patrols to CCTV installation and 24/7 monitoring, our security services cover every base so that you, your people, and your clients can enjoy your building while feeling safe and looked after.

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Supporting your sustainable future

What makes our corporate facilities management services stand out is our solid dedication to sustainability across every area. Take recycling, for instance; we use data to enhance our practices and strongly partner with waste management contractors to minimise your business’ waste footprint.

And since 2017, we've been using the cost-effective Tersano water system to clean surfaces. This game-changer avoids chemical allergies and surpasses the effectiveness of traditional bleach by eliminating up to 99.9% of the toughest germs.

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It’s the little things

The 14forty team is more than a facilities management service; we’re individuals passionate about creating a welcoming atmosphere, going above and beyond contractual obligations to transform your workplace into a space where people genuinely want to be. 

We care deeply about your business and its reputation, thinking and acting in alignment with your values while striving to mirror your approach with personalised touches.

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