Expert security & facilities management services

We don’t seek to control security risks, our objective is to remove them altogether. 

We gather historic and real-time activity data to rigorously interrogate the suitability of your security measures, informing our approach towards protecting your people, premises and assets. 

We provide your business with the assurance it needs to feel safe and secure. 

Manned guarding services

Fewer security measures provide a better deterrent than a physical presence. From high-profile company headquarters to critical national infrastructure, our security personnel are trained to respond swiftly and professionally should any threat arise.

We’re mindful to promote the right behaviours that encourage friendly and positive interactions with people, threat or no threat. That’s why training plays such a large part in our approach to manned guarding services.

Our commitment to facilitating personal development helps to encourage effective and positive interactions with your people and serves to equip our team members with transferable skills for the future.

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Remote monitoring & alarm services

Remote surveillance and alarm services are a critical supporting line of deterrent against threats to your people, premises and assets.

Our security services experts understand remote monitoring systems technology inside and out and are adept at identifying vulnerabilities within existing security systems.

Working alongside our carefully selected installation partners, 14forty can manage, maintain, update and replace access control, intruder detection, alarms, CCTV, ANPR and remote 24-hour monitoring systems.

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Harnessing tech to fortify your business

We understand that the level of security risk differs from business to business. In some cases, additional layers of resilience are essential. 

Technology can play a significant role in increasing the resilience of your security measures, and we have our finger firmly on the pulse of the latest developments in security innovation. 

From intelligent video analytics and IT forensics to AI-augmented threat detection software, we’re staunch advocates of developing forward-thinking, highly effective security solutions.

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