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As part of Compass Group PLC’s global network of brands, we’re able to draw on over 75 years of food service heritage, innovation and expertise. We use that knowledge to craft unforgettable food experiences designed to delight, inspire and fuel your workforce.

14forty’s skilled Chef brigade flex their culinary muscles in some of the UK’s finest workplace cafes, food courts and restaurants, executing our planet-first ethos through delicious, seasonal and locally-sourced menus.

Promoting a happier, healthier workforce

It’s hard to deny the transformative effects that a beautifully presented, nutritionally balanced plate of food can have on an employee’s health, happiness and productivity at work. A standout food at work offer can serve to attract talent, whilst uniting and motivating your people to deliver incredible results.

In-house registered Nutritionists work hand in hand with our talented Food Development team to design enticing recipes to satisfy almost every dietary requirement, creating a food offer assured to bring people together and put smiles on faces.

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Planet-friendly menus

We’re serious about sustainability, and so are our customers. That’s why we’re rolling out pioneering eco-labelling across our client portfolio. Using expert knowledge from researchers in the Livestock, Environment and People (LEAP) team at the University of Oxford, we’re able to score our recipes from A to E based on environmental factors.

These factors include greenhouse gas emissions, water scarcity, water pollution and biodiversity loss. Championing clarity around how we can reduce the environmental impact of our service has driven real behaviour change not just within our business, but with our customers too.

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Only the Good Stuff

We know through industry insight that positioning nutritious dishes as aspirational keeps customers coming back for more.

Thanks to our team of nutritionists, we have our Good Stuff signposting system that helps customers prioritise a diet that's fresh, flavourful and packed with goodness.

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Refill the workplace

Our latest research paper explores the role of food and beverage in retaining current employees and re-engaging them with the workplace.

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