The road to sustainable facilities management

We’re aware that ‘sustainable’ and ‘facilities management’ are not words typically used in the same sentence.

With 65% of the UK’s greenhouse gas emissions coming from transport, energy and business, we’re taking the lead within the sustainable facilities management space - not just to lessen our own environmental impact, but because we know that through great facilities management, we can lessen the impact of other businesses.

From cutting our carbon footprint with eco-friendly cleaning products to dishing up plant-based menus in workplace restaurants, we’re committed to making sustainable changes to the way we operate so our clients can, too.

Climbing to Climate Net Zero

Along with our people, partners and the wider Compass Group UK & Ireland, we’re the first in the industry to publish a Climate Net Zero plan, which is all part of our commitment to truly sustainable facilities management.

As a collective team of food, hospitality and support services, we’re taking action to reach Net Zero emissions by 2030 - without compromising on the standards and expertise we promise our clients.

A plan for positive impact

Sustainable facilities management focuses on ensuring businesses have a minimal, neutral, or even positive impact on the environment. We do this through regular auditing of facilities to see where we could be less wasteful or harmful.

From reviewing the efficiency of our tools to implementing preventative maintenance, we combine an insight-driven perspective with a hands-on approach to continually lessen the carbon footprint of our operations.

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