Fostering wellbeing in the workplace

As a leading facilities management provider, we strive to create inclusive work environments through positive food experiences and open conversations around mental health.

Sparking connections through food

Fresh, flavourful food brings people together, and the workplace is no exception. Inside our workplace restaurants, we serve menus that spark team conversation and keep the energy flowing.

Further promoting workplace cultures of connection and inclusivity, we deliver a variety of dishes to suite all dietary choices and requirements – including plant-based, Halal and gluten-free.


Training to empower our people

We believe that every team member should feel able to turn to their line manager for support. Our mental health training educates our managers on the importance of positive mental health and wellbeing in the workplace, helps them to identify mental health risk factors, and supports them in giving appropriate advice and guidance.

You Matter is our mental health campaign that aims to create a culture of openness and acceptance around mental health, as well as provide the tools to support each other's mental wellbeing.

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A game changer for food service clients

When it comes to feeding our client’s employees, our focus has always been on giving the right nutrition at the right times so they can perform well and feel good about themselves. And of course, if we include sustainability in that too – for instance, by encouraging greater uptake of plant-based dishes – then it’s good for the planet as well.

When we discovered the concept of ‘nudging’, our food service approach really stepped up a gear. This psychology-driven method uses clever techniques to gently ‘nudge’ people into choosing healthier and more sustainable choices.