You never get a second chance to make a first impression. At a time when competition is fierce, and customer expectations are continually rising, businesses across all industries are striving to go the extra mile. One surefire way businesses can set themselves apart is by being a friendly, welcoming place for employees and partners to work with.

One sometimes overlooked aspect of customer experience is reception services. As leading facilities management providers, the approach of our people is tailored to the unique nuances of the business and culture in which they work, allowing our clients and our people to deliver unforgettable first impressions.

Trust us with everyday business interactions

Whether it’s at a prestigious event or a permanent base in an office, our front-of-house team members are at the forefront of all interactions. On any working day, they are likely to come across employees, members of the public, external contractors and prospective clients. Our people couple seamless service with a personalised interest and attentiveness to individual needs, helping businesses build trust and loyalty.

First class friendly welcome

One shining example of a bubbly personality with a professional approach to guest services is Katie Barratt, who has been the receptionist on-site at our client, Fluor. For several years, Katie has delivered outstanding customer service that exceeds the expectations of Fluor’s valued guests.

"While a warm, friendly welcome is a fundamental requirement of my role as a receptionist, I also manage multiple interactions to ensure the company's reputation remains positive with employees, international guests and clients.

"This includes, but is not limited to, preparing name badges in advance of visitors, checking all names are spelt correctly and organising corporate catering for event hospitality and business meetings."

Katie Barratt, 14forty Receptionist at Fluor

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One unified facilities management team 

Our reception services are just as important to background business operations as they are to front. Acting as one united facilities management team, our receptionists have strong working relationships with our security, cleaning and catering teams, as well as on-site engineers and specialists. 

From reporting a leak to coordinating corporate catering, their work plays a fundamental role in supporting day-to-day business operations. 

Attentive and intuitive reception services

Respected businesses trust 14forty with their front-of-house reputation, taking comfort from the professional experience we bring to the reception experience and beyond.

Get in touch to chat about our reception services could benefit your business. Simply email or call 0121 457 5207.