Outdoor & Maintenance Services

Our grounds & building maintenance services ensure your workplace looks great & is environmentally friendly

We partner with specialists to provide a wide range of outdoor services including but not limited to grounds maintenance, arboriculture and vegetation management, pest control, gully cleaning and winter maintenance.

Best-in-the-field outdoor services

It can be easy sometimes to concentrate so much on the inside of your building that not enough attention is paid to the outside. But it’s just as important. People need to be able to move around easily and safely – especially in the winter months. You must be ready to respond to sudden ice or snow. We like things looking every bit as smart and tidy outside as they do inside. First impressions count.

Different areas, different priorities

With 14forty, it’s much more about adjusting resources to give priority to the areas that are most important to our clients. Different areas, different priorities – we listen to what you need and put resources in the right areas to help drive cost effective choices for our business partners.

Tailoring our FM services to meet your needs

Services can be planned as a maintenance regime or ad hoc, for example, when adverse weather impacts your business. Our partners have a mechanised capability for fast, effective and safe service whatever the challenge.

Nipping things in the bud

It’s easy to spoil the great impression you make inside by something being wrong on the outside. Litter is a constant battle, but we keep it completely under control – giving priority to the main routes and the area’s most visible to visitors. Our teams are trained to keep an eye out for more serious problems too, proactively seeking potential issues like blocked or leaking gutters and down pipes.

In the summer, we keep the hedges and shrubs nicely pruned and the grass cut. Being careful about timing to avoid unnecessary noise. We watch out for any damage by pests or vermin too, and step in quickly to resolve any problem.

Out in the early hours

Having multi-skilled people means that our teams can work and react flexibly. When sites are deep in snow during winter, we have extra teams out in the early hours, clearing the snow and gritting the roads, pathways and car parks without having to be asked. We take responsibility and get the job done. We know that without that effort people in the workplace simply wouldn’t have been able to get into work – and certainly not safely.

Grounds maintenance in the hands of experts

Our clients are safe in the knowledge that our people are fully trained and qualified in the correct use of equipment, complying with all the relevant legislation and working to the highest safety standards.

We take it in our stride with tailored grounds maintenance plans to suit each time of the year. Even our open-air swimming pool is looked after with its own planned maintenance programme. The end result? Everyone working on or visiting our client spaces are well looked after outside as they are inside.

Our Outdoor & Maintenance Services Partners

The perfectly placed Central helpdesk

There’s something that sits right at the centre of 14forty. Logically enough, it’s called 14forty Central and it provides the vital support for our integrated facilities services. It’s a powerful source of information, control, governance and change. And it’s perfectly placed to give us exactly what we need.