The many benefits of Integrated Facilities Management

For businesses juggling multiple facilities management providers and software systems, Integrated Facilities Management can be a real game changer. Here's everything you need to know about Integrated Facilities Management and how you can smoothly transition to this streamlined approach.

What's the difference between FM & IFM?

Traditional facilities management services typically involve managing individual aspects of a facility or workplace, such as maintenance, cleaning, and security, each handled by separate providers or contractors.

On the other hand, Integrated Facilities Management takes a more holistic approach, where one provider oversees all facility services under a single contract. This means better coordination, efficiency and huge cost savings – a 15% reduction to be exact, according to research from global management consultancy firm McKinsey & Company.

It helps to see FM as managing different pieces of a puzzle, while IFM is like having one expert seamlessly manage and oversee the entire puzzle, ensuring everything fits together for a smooth operation.


The benefits of a streamlined approach

  1. Enhanced efficiency
    Integrated Facilities Management is all about streamlining operations by consolidating various services under one provider, reducing duplication of efforts, and improving overall efficiency – letting your business focus on what’s important.
  2. Cuts costs
    The integration of your facility management functions can often lead to cost savings through economies of scale, streamlined processes and optimised resource allocation.
  3. One single point of contact
    With Integrated Facilities Management, companies benefit from a single point of contact for all facility-related services, simplifying communication, coordination, and decision-making.
  4. A quick, coordinated response
    In many instances, building or maintenance issues need a fast, multi-skilled response – and attempting this under a siloed facilities management setup can be challenging. An integrated approach simplifies this process by removing the need for coordination across multiple FM providers.
  5. Compliance and risk management
    IFM providers ensure compliance with regulations, standards, and safety requirements across the board, reducing operational risks and liabilities for the company.
  6. Improved workplace experience
    A well-managed and integrated facility contributes to a better workplace experience for employees, visitors, and customers, enhancing safety, satisfaction, and productivity.
  7. Future-readiness
    Embracing IFM positions companies for future success by leveraging technology, sustainability initiatives and industry best practices to stay ahead of evolving FM trends.

How do you implement IFM for a seamless service?

Implementing an IFM strategy starts with finding the right provider before working together through a series of steps to enable a seamless transition. This typically begins by assessing your facility management needs, covering areas such as maintenance, cleaning, security and more. You’ll collaborate closely with your chosen provider to establish clear goals, expectations, and performance metrics.

You’ll then develop a transition plan to smoothly integrate all facility services under the IFM provider's management while ensuring employees receive training on the new processes, with changes communicated throughout your organisation. As the management kicks in, your provider will enable continuous improvement by regularly reviewing performance, seeking feedback, and identifying areas for enhancement to ensure ongoing success.

A member of 14forty's outdoor maintenance staff wearing branded fluorescent safety clothing riding a sit-on lawn mower on a large freshly cut lawn.

How will 14forty make your workplace better with IFM?

At 14forty, we take the time to understand what you need from your facilities management provider before designing a bespoke, integrated package that works perfectly for your business.

You’ll find our teams up and down the country, making a positive impact anywhere from offices to oil refineries and warehouses. So, whether you're aiming for more employee engagement, a safer workplace, exceptional front-of-house service, or all the above, we’re here to give you back the time to focus on doing what you do best.

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