Keeping this leading legal firm at the top of their game

As a prominent player on the corporate law and legal scene, DLA Piper needed a round-the-clock, strategic facilities management partnership when they first approached the 14forty team.

Ten years on, we manage the smooth operation and upkeep of DLA Piper's UK offices – including its bustling London headquarters that’s home to 900 staff and welcoming 200 external visitors daily.

Exceeding the 5-star standard

With a decade of experience alongside DLA Piper, we understand exactly what the business needs. That’s why we focus on delivering a fully customised FM solution. 

From quality checking every detail down to the equipment we use to adding extra, personalised touches for visitors, our dedication to a top-notch experience flows through every part of the building, ensuring a visit to DLA Piper is a slick, boutique-style experience.

Stephen Manning MIWFM, General Manager at 14Forty for DLA Piper said: “To keep a building as big and important as this running efficiently in London we have to have things working well behind the scenes.”

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A sparkling presentation

It’s essential that we keep DLA Piper’s state-of-the-art building in London’s prestigious Barbican district looking perfect and pristine. Both deep and daily cleaning here covers every area including washrooms, kitchens, desks, offices, the gym.

In 2017, we introduced the revolutionary Tersano chemical-free cleaning system – a sustainable, cost-effective and innovative commitment to providing a clean and safe environment for DLA Piper's lawyers and clients. 

Driving sustainability from the ground up

Our distinctive approach to facilities management revolves around not just aligning our services with a client's sustainability goals, but actively using our services to support and drive those objectives.

From waste management and product choices to regular data analysis identifying areas for improvement, we place the planet and our client’s corporate and social responsibility at the heart of our operations.

Industry influence and adaptability

Our tailored and flexible approach at DLA Piper sets a benchmark for facilities management in the legal and corporate space. Our emphasis on quality, security and sustainability serves as a model for other organisations, highlighting the transferability of our well-honed practices across the industry and ensuring the future of facilities management is a bright one.