Investing in the latest surveillance and alarm systems is a smart move when it comes to protecting your business and could save you thousands of pounds should the worst happen. It also puts your people at ease and shows you’re considering their well-being, especially for those who work alone or through the night.

However, there’s an often-overlooked component to business security that offers an unrivalled form of protection – and that’s manned guarding. A brilliant complement to security technology, manned guarding services pick up where cameras and alarms fall short. Here’s how.

You can’t beat a physical presence    

CCTV is strong deterrent to intruders and vandalisers but is often only useful after an incident has occurred. Nothing beats a real-time response when it comes to security, and having a physical presence on-site means problems can be responded to as - or even before - they arise.

With manned guarding, you’ll have trained professionals patrolling your premises, we have access to 1,300 of them, who can respond immediately to any unauthorised access attempt. This physical presence is often enough to deter people from trying in the first place.

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It can lower your insurance premiums 

Insurance providers love to hear that a business has trained professionals on-hand to mitigate risks and lessen the impact of major incidents, such as raising an alarm during an arson attack or fixing a water leak before it causes extensive damage.

Combining manned guarding services with an advanced CCTV system could further reduce the cost of your insurance, as footage can be used as evidence and even support a case in the court of law.

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It shows employees and customers you care

Perhaps you have employees working night shifts, or there are aspects of your business that come with security issues. Having guards on-site is a great way to keep your employees, customers and clients feeling safe when they come to work or use your services.

Should an incident occur, manned guarding can intervene and stop it from escalating; not only protecting your people and customers but maybe even your company’s reputation.

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Could you benefit from manned guarding?  

From warehouses and distribution centres to shops and stadiums, all types of businesses can benefit from the enhanced security of manned guarding. However, we know that business security is never a one-size-fits-all. That’s why we gather real-time activity data to closely monitor and measure security performance before offering you tailored, cost-effective security solutions.

Trained to handle both day-to-day issues and higher risk situations, our staff are there to take away the pressure of security so you and your people can get on with doing what you do best.

Want to chat about how our manned guarding and security services could give your business peace of mind? Get in touch with us by emailing or calling 0121 457 5207.