How security & reception services work together to benefit your business

In today's fast-paced and unpredictable world, businesses have a lot on their plate when it comes to both safety and the delivery of exceptional service. Thankfully, this is where a seamless integration of reception and security services can come into play. 

While often considered separate entities, having security and reception personnel join forces helps your business shine while ensuring the wellbeing of all who walk your through your doors. In this article, we cover why having expert security and reception services onboard will boost the safety, hospitality and efficiency of your business.

First impressions

The entrance and reception area serves as the friendly face of your organisation, with security guards and receptionists often being the first people your visitors and employees' encounter. A warm and assuring welcome not only leaves a positive first impression but helps makes visitors feel safe and seen from the moment they step through the door.

"As a receptionist, I see the day-to-day benefits of having both front of house services and security personnel. Not only does a security presence help visitors and employees feel safe in our building, but they offer me and my team a sense of support when I come into work. Together, we’ve formed a brilliant collaboration that works for the bespoke needs of the client we serve – ensuring a welcoming and secure atmosphere for all who walk through our doors."

Katie Barratt, 14forty Receptionist at Fluor

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Integrated security systems

Security services are not just about guards and cameras. Advanced technology now plays a vital role in keeping people and premises secure. Integrated security systems like access control, CCTV monitoring, and alarms provide real-time information to both security teams and receptionists. 

Through this, they can stay one step ahead by identifying potential risks and responding quickly to incidents. Working together, security personnel and receptionists can share important information such as visitor logs, suspicious activity or safety concerns, leading to a coordinated and effective response to any situation.

Emergency response & crisis management

By fostering a strong partnership between security and reception services, businesses can strengthen their emergency response and minimise risks. Receptionists are often the first to spot potential threats or unusual behaviour, allowing them to quickly alert the security team, and with comprehensive training, they can play a vital role in implementing procedures and providing critical information to emergency responders. 

"There’s no such thing as one size fits all security solutions. Our extensive and diverse team of security professionals means we can handpick the right people according to the client’s unique requirements and deliver personalised solutions for optimum security and peace of mind."

Sammie Martins, Security Compliance Manager at Compass Group UK & Ireland


Efficient visitor management

Visitor management is where security and reception services truly intersect. With streamlined processes and digital solutions, receptionists can handle visitor check-ins, issue badges and maintain accurate records with ease. This information is not only crucial for managing access control but also helps security teams identify authorised personnel and track visitor movements. 

Additionally, receptionists can act as the first line of defence by verifying identities, conducting pre-screening checks and ensuring compliance with security protocols.

A seamless integration from 14forty

The integration of reception and security services is essential for businesses aiming to create a safe and welcoming environment for employees and visitors alike. At 14forty, we’re experts in both areas – and are always on-hand to discuss our bespoke facilities management solutions. Why not get in touch today?

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