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commercial cleaning

With workplace hygiene and cleanliness playing an increasing role in business operations, 14forty’s around the clock commercial cleaning services help to create a safe workplace for your company, ensuring that employee productivity is maximised and allowing teams to operate to their full potential.

Why commercial cleaning is more important than ever before

Employees are the driving force behind any company, and ensuring that they have a clean, safe space to work in should be a top priority for every employer. With 14forty’s commercial cleaning services, you can relax knowing that your workplace is a safe space.

With efficient, consistent, and measurable solutions tailored to your company at a low-cost and high standard, you can rely on our commercial cleaning services to look after your business and your employees. Not only do we provide a first-class service with advanced equipment and microfibre technology, but we do so whilst reducing our carbon footprint, and consequently yours too.


Experts in commercial cleaning

Our commercial cleaning company is run by people with extensive specialist knowledge and expertise in facilities management, and we also use ground-breaking products too.

Our cleaning agent, Tersano, kills 99.99% of bacteria, micro-organisms, and viruses. Thanks to its chemical free formula, it’s safer, requires less water usage, reduces costs and produces less packaging waste. It’s also more time efficient, leaves surfaces cleaner and brighter for longer, and most importantly, causes no harm to the environment.


Get in touch

At 14forty, our commercial cleaning services are designed to suit every company, whether it’s a warehouse, factory, or distribution centre that requires our services, we promise to provide a professional and quality finish to every job.

To find out more about 14forty’s commercial cleaning services, please contact us on 03306781609 or email enquires@14forty.co.uk

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