Quality breaks are the secret to a happier, more productive workplace where employees want to come and work every day - something we’re all for at 14forty.

According to research by Compass Group and Mintel, 73% of people agree, saying that taking regular breaks throughout a workday improves their wellbeing and overall productivity. Despite this, UK workers admit to taking less than 33 minutes a day for their main lunch break and even skip it altogether at least once a week. Read on to find out why – and how - we as employers could be doing more to improve our internal break culture.

Breaks get people talking

Breaks at work are beneficial for both businesses and individuals. Having a workplace restaurant and a dedicated area for employees to relax, eat and get to know each other has benefits for both business and individuals. And evidence backs this up - in workplaces with an employee restaurant, 70% of workers eat lunch with colleagues, compared to just 38% where there’s no access to an employee restaurant. 

The food-mood connection

There’s an undeniable connection between our mental wellbeing and our digestive system, and how you eat can be make or break when it comes to concentration and overall job satisfaction. That’s why there’s a unique opportunity in the workplace to promote healthy eating and proper use of breaks for colleagues to recharge and connect with colleagues. 

What we do for employee wellbeing

At 14forty, we’re not just in the business of facilities; we're in the business of fostering wellbeing support for teams because we know that a happy, supported crew is a game-changer for business.  

We've got networks of Mental Health Ambassadors ensuring that wellbeing is woven into the fabric of our organisation at every level. We’re also sparking change by creating environments where open conversations about mental health aren't just encouraged – they're the norm.  

Sipping for change

Since 2021, we've joined forces with Mental Health UK to champion mental wellbeing at work. Our pledge? 5p from every cup of our 'Peak St Coffee' goes straight to Mental Health UK, racking up an impressive annual contribution of around £20,000.