Specialist Cleaning Services

We provide state-of-the-art, specialist cleaning services for companies in the UK

Workplace hygiene has never been more important, particularly for corporate, commercial and industrial companies in the UK that continue to operate around the clock.

At 14forty, we’re driven by the importance of having a clean workplace in maximising productivity.

Commercial & industrial cleaning services

We tailor our commercial cleaning service to your business needs, whether that’s daily treatments or period work. We ensure that your warehouse, factory or distribution centre gets a service that’s efficient, consistent and measurable, and a result that’s low-cost and high-standard.

Thanks to advanced equipment, microfibre technology and robust waste management, we can deliver these services while reducing our carbon footprint and, consequently, that of our clients.

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Corporate & office cleaning services

We use only the best technology, consumables and audit tools, and draw on an extensive network of suppliers and partners to boost value. Our efficient and consistent cleaning processes provide a service that’s both well trusted and measurable.

Our workplace and office cleaning solutions include window, mirror and carpet services plus high-contact areas such as computers, desks and shared kitchens. We also replenish consumables and offer other business services such as office supplies as part of bundled FM packages.

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Waste management services

As part of Compass Group UK & Ireland, we work with the UK’s largest recycling and waste management organisations. These partnerships enable over 58,000 collections per year from over 2,100 sites across the nation.

In collaboration with our partners, we use strategic initiatives, such as waste segregation, to help reduce waste levels and increase recycling rates. We’re committed to maximising efficiency through introducing new and innovative solutions such as compactors and balers.

Our ongoing aim is to generate energy from waste through refuse derived fuel technology – helping to dramatically cut down the amount of waste sent to landfill. This process is not only good for your business, but the right thing for the environment.

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Pest control services

At 14forty we’re aware of the health and contamination risks posed by the infestation of unwelcome little visitors. Whether it’s mice, rats, cockroaches or something else that can spread disease and infection, it’s important to be both proactive and reactive in our pest control processes.

We want to make sure that we’re keeping our clients’ workplaces and sites healthy and hygienic, in a way that’s as environmentally friendly as possible - it’s important that we find the balance and be considerate towards the planet.

Based on our experience in commercial and industrial environments, and our belief that prevention is better than cure, we recommend an all-inclusive, fully managed pest control service to keep on top of things.

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Our Cleaning Services Partners

The perfectly placed Central helpdesk

There’s something that sits right at the centre of 14forty. Logically enough, it’s called 14forty Central and it provides the vital support for our integrated facilities services. It’s a powerful source of information, control, governance and change. And it’s perfectly placed to give us exactly what we need.