Q&A with Amir Sexton, 14forty Guest Service Assistant at Compass Group UK & Ireland

Did You Have Any Previous FM Experience Before Joining Compass Group UK&I?

After finishing my Psychology degree, I worked as a Learning Support Assistant (LSA) in a primary school and in hospitality. I was inspired to help because of my own neurodiversity. I wanted these children to recognise their differences as strengths. As much as I enjoyed the work I did, I felt that I needed to try new things and discover my own strengths (living what I preach).

Moving into hospitality was a very different experience. Due to the demands at work, I became ashamed to admit my neurodiversity. I became afraid to ask for help, because I was afraid of being seen as a liability. Eventually, I realised that the role wasn’t for me and decided to move on.

In Terms Of Recruitment Through AaA, How Did The Shift Into Compass Group UK&I Go?

When I came across the 14forty Guest Services Assistant job advert through Ambitious about Autism, I was a little hesitant at first. After working in hospitality, I was self-conscious to admit my neurodiversity. However, when I went for the interview with Paulina, I was pleasantly surprised.

She explained that she and Compass recognise that neurodiversity has unique strengths. Also, Paulina explained that if I was comfortable, I could mention any difficulties I had, and we could discuss any accommodations that could be put in place. I shared that I was neurodiverse and that I would appreciate being able to talk through my mistakes with my colleagues. She said that would be accommodated for. All in all, Paulina was supportive in the interview process and made me comfortable about the prospect of working at Compass House.

What Has Been Your Most Memorable High Since Joining The Team?

So far, I’ve enjoyed the variety of the work that I’m doing. I’m not just doing one thing at any one time. It is a stimulating work environment with many challenges. However, I have a supportive team to rely on, that are forgiving of my mistakes and help me to improve.

I’m completing a part-time L2&3 Counselling course and for the moment, I want to develop as much as I can in the role for my year contract.

How do you demonstrate a commitment to diversity and inclusion in your workplace?

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