Today is World FM Day, which encourages organisations to celebrate the often-unsung heroes behind all major business operations – individuals working in facilities management.

Facilities management is vital to almost all environments including office and corporate spaces, manufacturing and distribution, and industrial settings. But as we perform most of our work quietly in the background, it’s easy to forget how essential our efforts are. That’s why World FM Day was established back in 2009, to help bring these efforts to the fore.

Our parent company Compass Group UK&I annually take this day a step further by honouring the team here at 14forty with ‘FM Appreciation Week’. This week pays tribute to the valuable and integral contributions from the 14forty facilities management (FM) team.

Mauro Ortelli, Managing Director, said:

"Our team’s tireless efforts keep our offices, sites, and units running smoothly around the clock.

As facilities management roles continue to be acknowledged for the essential work that they are, FM Appreciation Week is a great opportunity to express our thanks.

To further honour the noteworthy achievements of the 14forty team, we are proud to announce the launching of our internal Frontline Features program.

This is a special opportunity to showcase the authenticity of 14forty by highlighting our employees and demonstrating our core values with their testimonies."

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