Helpdesk & Support Services

Our central helpdesk provides vital facilities management support for your company

Sat in the centre of our service management, 14forty Central provides vital support for our facilities services. A powerful source of information, control, governance and change, perfectly placed to give you exactly what you need each day.

All access service desk support

Our service desk gives clients direct access to vital information, governance and support. Sat right at the centre of the organisation, the service desk team provide knowledgeable, attentive and fast-acting support that sets us apart. Utilising credible thinking and intelligence to solve challenges, unlocking our wider Compass Group expertise. It’s a robust source of information, control and perfectly placed to support us.

14forty Central is enabled by technology but delivered by people for the best FM support. The team is a blend of dedicated and multi-client trained experts in property and FM helpdesks. They develop intimate knowledge of client buildings by visiting sites, attending account team meetings and sharing knowledge.

14forty Central uses the latest computer-aided facility management technology to manage and direct calls to the expert help at the right time. The calls are mixed with email to provide multiple access channels and spread the workload across the day – maximising efficiency and dealing with incidents as soon as they arise. This is all underpinned by an agile training programme to meet short term peaks in demand whilst maintaining a consistent level of service.

As the first and often the last point of contact they’re perfectly placed to provide support and insight into a building, operation or issue – problem solvers with a unique perspective.

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