Manned guarding

As expert security contractors, we deliver professional & reliable manned guarding services

Our manned guarding and security teams can often be the public face of a business and have direct contact with their clients, staff, and visitors.

Trusted manned guarding services

As passionate security contractors, our teams strive to perform to the highest standards, providing our clients with complete trust in their judgement and decision making.

It all starts with the thorough screening of potential officers, using a technology-based vetting programme that we offer commercially to businesses.

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Protected by responsible security contractors

We understand that security is never one-size-fits-all. Businesses need to be supported by trusted, friendly staff who can deal with day-to-day issues, but can also provide the physical protection, sophisticated surveillance and alarm response needed to spot potential threats and resolve them fast.

Each plays its part in mitigating risk – a physical presence as a deterrent, cross referencing data from CCTV and alarm systems to pre-empt a security breach. Using remote or mobile monitoring to improve efficiency without increasing the level of any threat.

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Rigorous training methods

Our manned guarding and security officers undergo thorough training in the use of technical applications and systems, and we’re focused on driving the right behaviours that foster effective and positive interactions with people. Additionally, our programme of qualifications develops transferable skills for their future careers.

We provide officers with a variety of training and approaches to keep your business safe throughout different times of the day, offering an effective mix of manned guarding, mobile response and security systems.

The perfectly placed Central Helpdesk

There’s something that sits right at the centre of 14forty. Logically enough, it’s called 14forty Central and it provides the vital support for our integrated facilities services. It’s a powerful source of information, control, governance and change. And it’s perfectly placed to give us exactly what we need.